Watture for governments and NGOs

How do we prepare for the future uptake of electric mobility? How to ensure the integration of renewable energy? How to include EV in urban design, policy frameworks and regional energy strategies?

Is our policy framework up to date and actually working? How to interact with citizens to stimulate smart charging and V2G? Procurement??

Watture can help you answer these questions by providing market insight, policy design and charging infrastructure topology. Built on ten years of experience, Watture will strengthen your strategy and tactics connecting technological innovation, regulation and consumer behaviour. It does so by applying a user-centric approach, including the views of non-users.

Watture produces

  • Market outlook / lessons learned, network inventory
  • Roll-out and EV policy
  • Strategy and requirements for the procurement process
  • Road maps and action plan for roll-out and grid integration
  • Policy and strategy review
  • Benchmark and SWOT analysis

The expertise of Watture